3 Reasons To Install A Floating Dock On Your Lakefront Property

If you own a home or cabin located on the shores of a lake, you most likely want to make the most of having access to the water. Installing a dock on your lakefront property will make it possible to keep a boat in the water so you can get out on the lake to fish, explore, or partake in water activities anytime that you would like. When it comes to installing a dock, you will need to choose between a fixed dock and a floating dock. For many people, a floating dock is the better option. Some of the top reasons to choose to install a floating dock include the following.


A floating dock will cost a lot less than a fixed dock, so it is a great choice for lakefront homeowners who desire a dock but don't want to invest a large amount of money. A floating dock does not require the use of any specialized equipment, and generally, no permits need to be ordered before the dock is placed in the water. This brings down the cost of a floating dock substantially. A floating dock also requires less material than a fixed dock, so purchasing the actual dock is also less expensive.

Minimal Maintenance

Opting for a floating dock is a good decision if you don't want to spend a lot of time or money maintaining your dock each year. Most floating docks are made of treated materials that are very durable and long-lasting. Unlike a wood fixed dock, floating docks do not need to be stained, sealed, or repainted every couple of years. At most, your floating dock may need to be sprayed down and cleaned from time to time if it becomes dirty, but otherwise, very little maintenance is required, so you can focus on enjoying your dock instead of caring for it.

Easy to Remove or Reposition

A big benefit of having a floating dock is the fact that it can be removed or repositioned as needed. Many homeowners who have a floating dock opt to remove it from the water during the cold winter months or when there is severe weather. Being able to remove a floating dock when necessary can prevent damage and help ensure that the dock lasts for as long as possible. It is also convenient to be able to reposition a floating dock in the water if needed. 

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