5 Features To Consider During A New Garage Installation

When doing a garage installation, people tend to think about having room for vehicles and a space to do work. A new garage installation, however, is a great opportunity to add loads of features. Here are 5 features you ought to think about for your project.

Covered Walkway to the House

Especially in regions where the weather gets cold, rainy, or snowy, there's a lot to be said for having some cover. A covered walkway between the garage and the house also provides a greater sense of security. Likewise, you'll have a structure that will make it easier to run electricity and even internet wiring from the house to the garage.

Smart Tech Features

Although smart technology is often seen as within the household domain, there are plenty of ways to have a more connected garage, too. One of the coolest features is a system that connects the assistant in your car to one in the home. When you're 15 minutes away from home after a grocery store trip, for example, you can have the smart system warm the garage up. Lighting can also be rigged up with smart tech, and you can even install an app-connected garage door that allows you to open it with your phone or in-vehicle assistant.

Extra Storage

There are frequently unused spaces throughout garages, and these make for great spots to put storage. For example, a set of racks and bins can be added to the garage door to maximize the number of places where you can put outdoor gear, bikes, tools, and other items. Overhead storage may be an option, too. Don't be afraid to get ambitious in stowing stuff away in the garage.

Air Filtration

Especially if you're planning to do a lot of work in the garage, you might want to think about the air quality. From woodworking to welding, lots of less-than-pleasant stuff can end up in the air you'll be breathing. Air filtration can make it easier to breathe, but it also can protect things like the paint job on your car.

A Unique Garage Door

Overhead doors have been the standard for many years. A new garage installation, though, is an opportunity to think of different ways to do things. One great option is the carriage-style garage door that opens up like a double door on a fridge. Swinging doors are also interesting options if you have the available space. Even a recessed system for the overhead door can be used to economize space.

To learn more, contact a garage installation contractor.

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