How To Use Temporary Fence Panels For Your Construction Site

Temporary fence panels are a great way to protect the perimeter of a construction site or other work area, as they are both easy to use, inexpensive, and take up very little space when in storage. If you are considering protecting one or more sides of a work area with this impermanent protection, here's how.

Decide Whether To Rent Or Buy

Renting versus buying is usually a discussion left for houses, but it's something to consider for construction as well. Renting is generally cheaper than buying the fence straight out, but buying requires a long-term commitment for a certain amount of fencing. If you rent the fencing, you may have lower costs of running the construction site depending on how often and how long you need fencing. However, buying fencing may be better if you use fencing a lot as it only requires a one time purchase, so long as you have the storage space and the right amount of fencing panels.

Set It Up — Take It Down

Once you have your temporary fence panels chosen and have either rented or bought them, you need to set it up. Setting up temporary fencing is fairly easy. Many temporary fence panels do not even need to be put into the ground, as they have stands and sandbags to keep them upright. This is especially true with chain link temporary fences commonly used for construction sites. You will need to grab the panels, make sure the stands are ready, and either push the stands into the ground before connecting the fencing material between the stands or simply place the panels where you would like.

Most fences used for contractors are chain link or otherwise metal, so you have little to worry about in terms of decay. Once you've completed all the parts of the work that need temporary fencing, you can move the fencing to whatever storage you have, temporary or otherwise. It may be smart to make sure the fencing panels you've bought are dry when you put them away, as rust can be difficult to deal with. Finally, make sure you have all the panels you rented before you return them to the rental company.

Temporary fences are a great resource for construction workers looking to protect their worksite. These fences can either be bought or rented and are very easy to set up as they are usually held up with stands and sandbags. If you bought the panels, consider preventing rust when storing them. If you rented them, make sure you return all the panels.

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