Protecting Your Home's Water Well Pump

The pump will be at the heart of most modern well systems. However, this can be a component that homeowners can neglect. Considering the importance of the pump as well as the high costs of replacing it, effectively caring for this component should be a plumbing priority for most homeowners.

Ensure the Well Is Deep Enough

Failing to have the well be deep enough can be a mistake that will add a significant amount of stress and wear to the pump. When this is the situation, the pump may struggle to bring in enough water, which can contribute to it burning out. Furthermore, this can lead to the pump ingesting more sediments and other particulate matter that could eventually contribute to it developing extensive clogs. Unfortunately, the water level can fluctuate over time, and you may find that you will eventually need to have the well drilled deeper to avoid this particular problem.

Protect the Pump from Winter Weather

The wintertime can be one of the most damaging seasons for well pumps. The harsh temperatures can expose many of these units to the risk of freezing and rupturing. While many modern well pumps are installed below ground, which can offer effective protection against freezing, many pumping systems will be partially or entirely above ground. If this is the case with your pump, it will be necessary to ensure that it is properly insulated and protected against freezing temperatures. For most homeowners, simply adding insulation to the pumping system can be effective at reducing the risk of freezing. However, those in climates with especially hard winters may also need to install a warming system that will be able to prevent the pump from dropping below freezing.

Periodically Test the Water Quality

The quality of the water that is coming from the pumping system will be another potential warning sign that the pump is malfunctioning or likely to malfunction in the future. If the underground water source has relatively low-quality water, it can contribute to the system suffering damage. Hard water or water that has a higher than intended mineral concentration can be extremely damaging to pumping systems due to these substances being able to accumulate in the pumping where they can cause clogs, mechanical components to jam, and other issues. Testing the water quality will allow you to know whether it is necessary to install filtration systems that will be able to eliminate these substances from the water that is entering the pump. 

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