Insight To Keep Your Home Plumbing Cleaned Out And In Good Repair

Your home's sewer system is a necessity to keep your home and life healthy and clean. However, with indoor plumbing, there are likely to be clogs and backups that require effort to cleanout. You can do this yourself or hire a professional. Here are some signs of sewer line damage and their causes, and how you can repair them and arrange for professional services.

Failed Sewer Main

One of the biggest problems in your home sewer system is with the main sewer line that connects your home's interior sewer lines to the city sewer line. This line is a length of pipe that runs under your yard and can pass through shrubbery and tree roots that put it at more risk of damage. An older sewer line that was installed decades ago is traditionally a cause of the failure because the material used back when it was installed does not hold up well over time and with the weight of soil upon it for years. 

A common sign that your sewer main is failing is regular clogs in your sewer line that continue to return even after you hire a plumber to snake the line. When tree roots have grown into the pipe, they will follow the source of the moisture in the line and feed off it, causing more damage and clogs. You can call your plumber for an emergency cleanout but the clog will return within a few days to weeks, and your plumber will recommend replacing the line.

Fortunately, your plumber can replace the line using a trenchless method to save your yard's landscaping. They can also inspect the line beforehand to check where and what type of line damage is present to get a clear understanding of the problem.

Interior Line Clog

An interior plumbing clog in your home can be just as problematic and require a call to your plumbing professional. With their video inspection along with a line cleanout by snaking or jetting the pipe, they will be able to restore your home's sewer drainage capabilities. 

When you first discover the line clog, try several different solutions to fix the problem. For example, try using a sink plunger on the drain to push the clog through the line. You can also add a cup of baking soda down into the drain and add vinegar to cause the chemical reaction to bubble inside the pipe. This can usually clean out the blockage and other build-up. 

If you have an emergency, contact an emergency sewer plumbing professional. 

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