How To Clean Gutters And When To Call A Gutter Cleaning Service For Help

You can buy a gutter cleaning tool that attaches to a pole so you can clean your gutters from the ground, but if you want the best results, it's better to work from a ladder so you can see inside the gutters. Here are steps and precautions involved with gutter cleaning when to call for professional help.

Ensure Ladder Safety

A fall from a ladder can be serious, especially if you land on concrete. Ladder safety is important when cleaning gutters. You may do a lot of stretching so you don't have to move the ladder as often, and the ladder needs to be on a stable base so a foot doesn't sink in the soil and tip you over.

The ladder should also be away from power lines and positioned so it doesn't dent or damage the gutter troughs. Also, take all the supplies you need and rest them on the ladder tray so you don't have to go up and down the ladder as often. You'll need gloves, a bucket for collecting leaves, and a scoop.

Scoop Out The Leaves First

You'll want to run water through the gutters eventually, but scoop out the leaves first. You can use a leaf scoop or your hands. You may find it's easier to use your hands, but be sure to wear gloves so you don't receive a puncture wound or contact contaminated materials from birds or mold. Once the leaves are removed, you can look for signs of damage that needs to be repaired.

Wash The Troughs And Downspout

When the leaves are gone, run water through the gutters so it drains out the downspout. This tests how well the gutters drain and also rinses away small debris left behind. The inside of your gutters probably won't be spotlessly clean, but they should be clear of all debris. You may want to wash the outside of the gutters at the same time if they are stained and dirty.

Know When To Get Help

If you have a two-story home, climbing on a ladder is even more dangerous, so you'll probably want to hire a gutter cleaning service. If you have a pool with a cage, gutter cleaning often requires a professional since it involves climbing up on the roof to clear leaves from the cage gutter too.

If you're concerned about your ability to clean gutters safely, hire a gutter cleaning service, like Mr.Gutter, LLC, for your peace of mind. You might also need to call a professional if the downspout is clogged with leaves and you can't break the clog apart. Keeping your gutters clean is important, so if you can't keep up with the chore because it's too difficult or if you don't have time, call a gutter cleaning service so your home is protected against water damage.  

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