Orderliness And Cleanliness Tactics That Will Improve Your Commercial Lot

You may have paid out thousands of dollars for colorful signage, new foliage, and fresh paint for your restaurant, but if cracks and fissures are present in the asphalt lot's surface or if trash or insufficient parking directions or striping is evident, you are compromising your ability to promote a fresh, modern facility that will meet your diners' expectations. Commercial parking maintenance can increase curb appeal and encourage people to patronize your business.

Instill Orderliness And Cleanliness

Inspect the paving material that is present on your property and the amount of upkeep that you have instilled so far. If you bought your establishment secondhand through a realtor and the turnkey operation was up and running soon after you signed the paperwork to attain ownership, maybe you failed to make improvements to the property outdoors or maybe you thought that signage and foliage would be all that was needed to attract people to your place of business.

In reality, many people are concerned about the status of their vehicles and this includes being mindful of what type of surroundings a vehicle will be parked in during a visit to a commercial business. Orderliness and cleanliness will give people an idea of what types of values you uphold.

If there are waste bins overflowing with trash, if some of the lot's lights contain inoperable bulbs, or if the fencing or physical barricade that surrounds the lot is dirty or damaged, these are the things that you should focus on first. Pressure washing surfaces, making minor repairs, and investing in larger waste containers or ones that contain secure lids can make a positive impact on the aesthetics. Use asphalt patches to fill holes and fissures that have resulted in the grading of the lot being uneven.

Handle Recurring Problems

If patrons often have difficulty finding the restaurant or if people park in areas that are off-limits or if they aren't supplied with plenty of parking near the front or the side of the restaurant, moving some of the signage that you already own and having the lot resurfaced and striped will aid in correcting the issues.

Install a couple of colorful signs near the edges of the lot. Use new lighting to accent the signage. Hire an asphalt maintenance company for the resealing and striping upgrades. Consult with the paving contractor and create a maintenance schedule, which will aid in keeping the paved surface clean and dry.

Block off areas that are out of bounds to prevent anyone from parking in areas that are restricted. Cones or a rope enclosure can be used or you can add some permanent features, such as a water fountain or large potted foliage, to dissuade people from parking in areas that are not outlined with lot striping.

Reach out to a commercial parking maintenance professional for more ideas on how to take care of your lot. 

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