Tips for Resolving a Boundary Conflict

If property borders are not clearly defined, a dispute between two neighboring property owners could arise. This type of issue usually occurs when a  construction project is about to take place. When two or more parties cannot negotiate and come to an agreement, a boundary conflicts mediator may need to intervene.

1. Address Property Border Uncertainties

A property owner may want to install a fence or a driveway that borders their neighbor's yard or maybe they are considering the installation of a large water feature that will encompass most of the land that is adjacent to the back or side of a residence. With this type of project, the land is assessed and marked, before excavating the property. Having the land surveyed will clearly determine where the property ends and begins.

Many construction business owners require that land is surveyed. If a construction loan is being taken out, the financing company may require that a survey is conducted, before approving the loan. Many property owners may not be exactly certain where their property line is located. They may use a geographical feature to pinpoint where the border of their property is. A Certificate of Survey is a legal document that will clearly indicate where any new construction will be located, in relation to a property's boundaries.

2. Address Disputes

The Certificate of Survey will prove that a property owner has the right to build upon a specific part of the land. If a neighbor refuses to listen to the person who will be having construction performed, meeting with a mediator may aid with diffusing the situation.

During a meeting with a mediator, the Certificate of Survey should be furnished. This document can be used to support the owner's claim. A mediator will listen to both parties' grievances. A mediator who handles boundary conflicts will be a neutral party who is familiar with zoning laws in the region where the dispute is taking place.

Each person may have a valid reason to be upset. The way contractors will set up construction equipment and preparing the transport route that construction crew members will be used to enter or exit the property will all depend on how your project is conducted. If any of the construction steps will potentially upset the property of the adjoining yard, alternate plans may need to be made. A mediator will help devise a plan that is fair to both people.  

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