How To Choose New Garage Door Rollers And How They're Replaced

A problem you might encounter with your garage door is when the rollers wear down and your door gets jerky or stuck. The rollers travel up and down the track. They should move smoothly, and they should be fairly quiet.

Some types of rollers wear out faster than others. So, if you're having trouble with your door, check the rollers to see if they're worn down. Here's some information about choosing new rollers and how a garage door repair service can put them in.

Different Types Of Garage Door Rollers

Builder's grade rollers are often made of plastic or steel without bearings. These rollers wear out fast because they are inexpensive and not well made. When you're buying new rollers, your garage door repair service might recommend steel rollers with bearings or nylon rollers. The nylon rollers cost the most, but they are also the quietest, so they are a good choice for replacement rollers.

Lifespan Of Different Rollers

Another way to choose your new rollers is according to their lifespan. Garage door rollers are rated according to how many open and close cycles they are expected to have during their lifetime. If you want the rollers to last many years, then choose rollers that have a high open and close cycle rating. You'll pay more for high-quality rollers, but it pays off in not having to put new rollers on again in a few years.

Replacement Of Bad Rollers

When rollers go bad, they need to be replaced since it isn't possible to repair them. If just a few rollers are bad, the garage door repair service will probably replace all of them on both sides of the door, especially if the rollers are getting old.

One way to replace rollers is to push the garage door up all the way and then pull it down so a roller is at the right height to be handled. The repair person can pry open the track slightly so the roller can be pulled out. When the old roller is off, a new one is slid on the door. Then the door is pulled down slightly so the next roller can be popped out and replaced. This process is repeated for every roller on each side of the door. When finished, the repair person closes the track so the rollers don't pop out accidentally.

It's important to have the rollers replaced when they start to get bad. Otherwise, a damaged roller may pop off the track or get jammed. That could cause your door to get stuck or become crooked. The track might even be damaged eventually, so have repairs done before the situation with your door gets worse.

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