When Do You Need Septic Tank Drainfield Repair?

A drainfield is crucial in dispersing wastewater into the ground, which percolates away by gravity. A failing drainfield cannot do this job properly, which leads to septic overflow and attendant problems. Drainfield failure can happen for several reasons. One common problem is draining insoluble compounds down the drain, for example, paint. Dumping too much water down the septic system, especially during the wet season, can also cause flooding in the drainfield. Other causes include ground compaction and tree roots infiltration. What signs indicate you need septic tank drainfield repair? 

Very Slow Drainage 

The efficiency of the drainfield to drain effluent is crucial for efficient draining of the plumbing system. When the drainfield is very slow, the wastewater in the sewage system doesn't flow as expected to the tank and onwards to the drainfield.

Very slow drainage at all drains in the house is usually the first signal that your drainfield needs repair. Eventually, the sewage system suffers a total failure. Therefore, it is vital to keep the wastewater flowing again as soon as possible. 

At the worst, you will see sewage backup because when waste in the septic tank overflows, it starts rising in the sewage lines and emerges through the lowest drains. 

Soggy Ground 

When wastewater cannot drain into the ground, it rises and makes puddles above the drainfield. In the beginning, you will feel the ground become soggy and mushy to step on. When the drainfield fails, the wastewater will flood the ground.

This problem is often compounded by fast vegetation growth in this area. You will see greener grass and shrubs. If there are trees nearby, this area becomes a magnet. It exacerbates the problem because these roots damage the septic tank and leach pipes. You need septic tank drainfield repair as fast as possible to remedy this problem. 

Return Flow to the Septic Tank 

The most immediate solution for slow drainage and backups is to empty the septic tank. But an inspection of the septic tank after emptying will show effluent from the drainfield flowing back into the tank. So you need to call the septic tank drainfield repair services. 

Foul Odors 

A failing drainfield will also give off foul odors because of the effluent that rises to the ground. Besides the sewage water, there will also be rotting vegetation to add to the stench. If you do not walk over this ground often, the foul odor is enough to make you investigate. 

Are you worried your septic system's drainfield is failing? Call septic tank drainfield repair services to inspect the drainfield and plan for repair. 

For more information on septic tank drainfield repair, contact a professional near you.

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