Why You Need To Be Proactive When It Comes To Your Seawall

A seawall is a vital piece of infrastructure that can keep your home and property safe from huge swells and tides that would otherwise be catastrophic. However, a seawall is only effective when it is in good condition, and not many people realize that seawalls can and do age, and sometimes relatively quickly if it is in a more aggressive environment. Here are a few reasons why you should schedule semi-regular seawall inspections for your personal seawall so that you can be proactive about keeping your home and property safe from what can be a very unforgiving natural threat that is the ocean.

Hidden Flaws

Your seawall is likely not entirely visible anymore because of the number of growths on it that arise from it being constantly submerged and touched by the water. From bacteria to seaweed and everything in between, your seawall might look more like a collection of assorted flotsam and junk after a few years. A seawall inspection is necessary to ensure that these things are not covering up any more serious issues underneath that may be at risk should there be a major storm. Companies that provide seawall inspections also often provide a service to clean your seawall so it is far easier to inspect on your own.

Changing Environment

Sometimes the area that your seawall was designed for may change over the course of a few years. Nature is constantly evolving and with stronger tides and changes in the climate, this has been accelerated. A seawall inspection might be necessary more regularly if you live somewhere that is experiencing more advanced erosion, as the natural beach will provide even less of a barrier, meaning your seawall will have to do almost all the heavy lifting. If you can tell that your area has experienced harsher tides in recent years, do not wait for it to start crashing over your seawall before you get it inspected.

Hard To Fix

Seawalls can be quite tricky to fix, especially if they are on the older side, because you need to try and repair and replace materials with a similar design so that they properly fit. This is easier said than done, which is why you should try to always be on top of your seawall maintenance. If you do need to repair something, you should try and find out as soon as possible so that the problem is not escalated while you wait for repairs to be completed.

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