When Is Replacing Your Lawn with Artificial Grass a Good Option?

When you close your eyes and imagine a yard, you probably picture that yard with real grass. This is because, in most cases, yards in the United States do have real grass. But real grass is no longer the only option for lawns. In fact, more and more homeowners are opting to replace their real grass with artificial grass. In what situations might you want to do the same? Take a look.

You or a family member are allergic to grass.

Grass allergies can make you truly miserable. Your eyes get runny, your skin starts itching, and the sneezes don't stop. Some people only suffer if they go out and mow the lawn, and others develop symptoms if they simply walk through the lawn during pollen season. If you have grass allergies and are tired of suffering, then you may want to replace your lawn with artificial grass. While some pollen will still blow over from neighbors' lawns, there should be less of it around. You won't track it inside after walking through your own yard, and you won't have to worry about being exposed while you mow — since you don't have to mow!

You're tired of handling lawn maintenance.

Maintaining a lawn is a ton of work. If you don't mow yourself, then you have to pay a landscaping contractor to come do it — and the costs add up fast. Then, there's fertilization, watering, weed killing, and a whole list of other services a real grass lawn demands. If you're tired of the time or monetary costs of this maintenance, you may want to switch to an artificial lawn. It will pay for itself over time in the form of maintenance savings.

You don't want your kids to get dirty.

If your kids play outside on the lawn a lot, you might be tired of them coming in dirty. You may also not be a fan of them tearing up the grass as they run about. If you replace your lawn with artificial grass, you won't have either of these issues. Your kids will stay clean if they play on the lawn, and they won't leave bug mud pits or muddy spots, either.

Gone are the days when all lawns were made from real grass. These days, artificial grass is a real, feasible option for a whole lot of people. Talk to a landscaping expert to learn more.

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