Tips When Having A Retaining Wall Constructed For A Shoreline Property

If you have a property that's on the shoreline, you need to account for soil erosion caused by waves. That's possible thanks to retaining walls (also known as seawalls). Just make sure you remember these tips when having one constructed around your shoreline property.

Find Materials With Proven Strength

A lot goes into developing a retaining wall around coastal property, and because of this fact, you want to get the most out of this investment as you can. That's achievable if you make sure the retaining wall's materials have proven strength. 

Then it won't matter what type of wave activity happens around your coastal property. The retaining wall is going to hold up and keep the soil back for years and years. It's best to consult with a retaining wall company to find out which materials you should put your faith into, whether it's concrete, steel, or large boulders. 

Make Sure Retaining Wall is Built High Enough

One of the most important things to get right when developing a retaining wall around coastal properties is making sure the wall is high enough in the beginning. Then you won't have to worry about soil erosion taking place and causing severe property damage in the future.

This is an assessment that you need to let an experienced retaining wall construction company make. They can look at your specific property and the conditions around it to figure out how tall your retaining wall needs to be. They can run simulations that prove a specific height is going to work out for the long haul.

Try to Achieve a Beautiful Aesthetic

Even though you're developing a retaining wall around your coastal property to protect it from wave activity primarily, you still want this structure to look beautiful. Then you won't have to worry about it throwing off the exterior visuals and subsequently taking away from your home's value.

What you need to do is look at examples of retaining walls and see what can be done from a design standpoint. Eventually, you'll find a style and color theme that makes sense based on how your coastal property is currently designed.

If you have a coastal property that's currently without a retaining wall, you should probably add one fast before constant wave activity causes soil erosion that then affects the condition of your property. As long as you make key assessments early on, this wall will be designed and developed perfectly. 

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