Metal Or Wood: Which Is Best For Your Detached Garage?

Are you installing a new detached garage on your property? A detached garage can be a great way to protect your cars, tools, or other vehicles from the elements. You can also use your garage for other purposes, like a workshop or even just a separate space to spend time on your property. 

There are generally two types of detached garages—metal and wood. Both can be effective, high-quality buildings. Determining which is right for you depends on your specific needs and goals. Below are a few things to consider as you choose your detached garage:


Generally speaking, wood garages tend to cost more than metal garages. The materials are more expensive in most locations and there is often a greater need for labor. Metal garages are often delivered in kits. If you have a basic level of ability to assemble products, you can probably build a metal one-car garage kit in a day or two, assuming you have some help from friends or family.

A wood garage requires more skill. You'll have to build a frame, install drywall, and install siding and a roof. Most people need to hire contractors to complete that work. That can drive the cost up considerably.


Metal garages come in a wide range of colors and designs. They also usually have a simpler, more functional look. While they can be stylish and have a nice appearance, they likely won't blend in with your home. If you want something that will fit in with your home's appearance, you will likely need a wood garage that is custom-built in the same style.

The appearance of a wooden garage is more difficult to maintain than a steel garage. You may need to stain the wood and even update the siding over time as it fades. A steel garage won't fade or suffer damage due to the elements and will maintain its appearance much longer than a typical wooden garage.


The biggest factor in helping you determine what type of garage to buy is how you're going to use the garage. Is it simply a place to park a car? Is it important to you that it blends with your home's aesthetic? Or will you use it to do work or even store tools and other materials? A wooden garage will likely insulate better against heat and cold air because wood is a natural insulator. If you're going to be spending significant time in the garage, wood may be the better option.

However, a metal garage will likely hold up better against the elements. A metal garage is also easier to customize. You can move it to a new location or even add more space in the future. Many steel garage kits are very adaptable. If you want flexibility and protection from the weather, a steel garage could be the best option.

Contact a metal garage service near you for more information. They can help you find the kit that best meets your needs.

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