Commercial Lot Maintenance - Repairing Sunken Asphalt

Stressors, including moisture buildup and excessive weight loads, can cause part of an asphalt parking lot to appear sunken. The dip can cause vehicles to bottom out as they are driven over the damaged asphalt. However, applying an emulsion product and a patching agent can restore the asphalt.

Inconsistencies And Vehicular Damage

If an even coat of asphalt wasn't applied during the installation of a commercial parking lot, the asphalt may appear to be more worn in some spots than others. Inadequate curing times and the omission of a sealer could also affect the longevity of asphalt. Dips in asphalt can make it inconvenient to access a lot.

Motorists may need to slow down or drive around the asphalt that is sunken. If a motorist drives at a normal speed over the affected asphalt, they could potentially damage their vehicle's undercarriage. A responsible asphalt maintenance plan may include having pavement inspected, cleaned, and patched at scheduled intervals.

Patching Steps

Before you patch the asphalt, clean the parking lot and use a barricade to mark off each section that is being repaired. While the emulsifying agent and patch are setting and curing, you will want to prevent motorists and pedestrians from coming into contact with the freshly-repaired surfaces. Cleaning the asphalt in advance is also essential. The removal of loose debris, gravel, and dirt will prompt an adequate bond when you apply the emulsifying product.

An emulsifying product is one that many paving contractors use to perform spot repairs. An emulsifying additive, water, and asphalt are contained within this type of product. The viscous consistency of the emulsifying mixture will aid in bonding the asphalt patch. Use the mixture to build up the sunken areas. Then use a small shovel to apply the product. Finally, use a roller to spread out the product.

While the emulsifying product is still wet, apply a layer of cold asphalt patch over it. The patch contains all of the same components that are in the original asphalt that your contractor installed when paving the lot.

Patching the asphalt will take care of the damage, but you may want to address the aesthetics of the lot. A contractor can aid with applying a new coat of sealant across the lot. Once the sealer has dried, the contractor can add parking lot stripes, arrows, and other markings to the lot that will direct motorists who drive into and out of the parking lot.

For more information about asphalt repair, reach out to a local service.

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