Essential Workers' Compensation Questions For Construction Site Workers

Navigating the complexities of workers' compensation claims can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, construction site workers face a higher risk of injury due to the nature of their work. As a result, you should ensure you thoroughly understand workers' compensation so you can be prepared if you suffer an injury.

What Types Of Injuries Are Covered Under Workers' Compensation For Construction Site Workers?

Workers' compensation aims to protect those suffering from job-related injuries or illnesses by providing medical care and financial support. For construction site workers, this typically includes injuries sustained from falls, equipment accidents, exposure to hazardous materials, and repetitive stress disorders. Furthermore, workers' compensation covers physical injuries and occupational diseases developed over time due to harmful work conditions, such as respiratory illnesses or hearing loss.

Beyond these typical examples, it is crucial to understand that each state has specific laws governing workers' compensation. Consequently, the coverage and benefits may vary depending on your location.

Can A Construction Worker Receive Medical Treatment Outside The Workers' Compensation System?

Workers' compensation laws typically dictate that injured employees must receive medical care through a provider approved by their employer or insurance carrier. This ensures that the treatment received is appropriate and cost-effective while helping prevent potential fraud. However, there are instances where a construction site worker may seek medical treatment outside of the workers' compensation system.

In some instances, an employee may need to seek a second opinion or consult with a specialist not initially approved by the insurance carrier. This step may be necessary if the injured worker believes the treatment approved by the provider is insufficient or incorrect. Additionally, an injured worker may be authorized to receive this type of care if the only in-network provider is too far for them to reasonably travel for their treatments.

What Happens If A Construction Worker Is Unable To Return To Work Due To Their Injuries?

Construction site workers who cannot return to work due to their injuries are entitled to temporary or permanent disability benefits through the workers' compensation system. Temporary disability benefits serve as a source of income replacement while the worker recovers and are typically paid as a percentage of their pre-injury wages. On the other hand, permanent disability benefits are provided to those whose injuries result in a lasting impairment that prevents them from returning to their pre-injury job or any other gainful employment. To understand your options, you should consult with a lawyer that handles construction site workers' compensation claims. 

For more information about workers' compensation claims, contact a local company. 

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