Benefits Of Commercial Stucco Installation

Commercial stucco is an exterior finishing material that's commonly used in the construction of commercial buildings. It's a cement-based mixture that consists of sand, water, and binders. The mixture is applied in layers to wood or masonry, and the finish creates a durable finish that's aesthetically pleasing. Stucco is also known for its versatility in its textures and patterns, which helps to suit a variety of architectural styles. Commercial stucco installation can offer many benefits for your commercial building. You can learn about some of those benefits in this article so you can have an easier time determining whether this is a route you'd like to choose for your commercial building. 

Commercial stucco offers a protective coating

You count on your commercial building to secure your business equipment, supplies, and merchandise. Commercial stucco can be helpful in this regard. It provides your building with a protective coating that's fire-resistant and resistant to damage that can be caused by other things such as pests, water, mildew, mold, rot, UV rays, hail, and more. Its durability means it will continue offering your building protection for a long time with very little need for ongoing maintenance. 

Commercial stucco is a low-maintenance material

Stucco will require minimal maintenance compared to many other exterior finishes. It has a textured look that, despite its appearance, is non-porous in a way that resists moisture penetration. This is what helps prevent issues like cracking, crumbling, warping, and rotting. The non-porousness also helps make it a very easy-to-clean material. All it takes to regularly keep it looking good is a quick wash with water and liquid soap. This will prevent it from needing frequent pressure washing and/or repainting. 

Commercial stucco has superior energy-efficiency properties

Commercial stucco is a great insulation material that can contribute to the energy efficiency of a building. The stucco helps reduce heat transfer when it acts as a thermal barrier. This helps keep the inside of the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It does this in a way that helps reduce heating and cooling expenses year-round and also helps the HVAC system last longer by putting less wear on it. 

Commercial stucco offers great sound insulation that helps reduce exterior noises from entering the interior. This is great if your business is in a place where a quieter environment is preferable. Also, the sound-insulating properties will help prevent the sounds from inside from being heard from outside the building. If your company requires some level of anonymity and privacy, then this will be helpful in this respect as well.

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