4 Facts About Home Window Replacement

Windows last for decades, but they do eventually need to be replaced. Since this is not something homeowners do very often, it is likely you have a couple of questions about window replacement as the time to replace your own windows approaches. Feel free to bring those questions up to your window replacement contractor, and in the meantime, check out the answers below.

What are the signs your windows need to be replaced?

Windows need to be replaced when the frames and sashes begin deteriorating, when they start leaking, or when the hardware no longer works. For example, if you see water pooling around the base of your old windows, then they are leaking and will soon need a replacement. If your locks don't latch because the wood around them is deteriorating, that's another key sign they should be replaced. 

Do you have to hire a window replacement contractor?

Some people do DIY their window replacement. Home improvement stores do offer replacement windows that you can install on your own. However, it is usually a better idea to have this work done by a professional. A window replacement professional will have the skills and tools to do a top-notch job. And windows really need to be installed properly in order to be energy-efficient and secure.

What replacement window material is the best?

Vinyl windows have quite a following as they have a lot of benefits over other materials. Vinyl does not rot, and you do not have to paint it. Vinyl also stays tightly sealed to the window glass, so you are less likely to get leaks. Another good replacement material is composite. It's made from wood fibers, so it has a wood-like look. It's also low-maintenance, although you can paint it if desired. Composite has a higher price tag than vinyl, but it's still relatively affordable.

How long does window replacement take?

The answer to this question depends on how large your home is and how many windows you have. However, most window replacement companies can replace the windows in an average home within a few days or less. They work in teams so that they can move quickly. 

With these questions answered, you are better prepared to have your home windows replaced. Before long, you will be resting at home with fewer drafts, fewer leaks, and some gorgeous new windows to admire. Contact a window replacement company and get started today.

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